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Redeemed Gospel Church -Thika Town - Faith Celebration Center

  • Redeemed Gospel Church - Thika Town

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  •  A great house of Prayer and Worship.

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  • Vision: World Won for Christ

    Mission: Reaching the Unreached With the Gospel

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Celebrating Jesus

  • He is our Redeemer "That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, .... Philippians 2:10 (KJV)
  • Joy in the Holy Ghost " For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness ..."Romans 14:17 (ESV)
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Faith Celebration CentreThe foundation of children ministry determines the future of church. Every children minister need to go through training. Many people will think that the church is an institution for children only since the church is for the whole family (Timothy 3:15). The church has great responsibility to the children which includes; laying spiritual foundation for children ministry, the church must do to the children what Christ did to them. The church must recognize children as important individuals with their own dignity. The following factors need to be considered important when organizing and leading a bible children’s church; there should be enough space in the church for the children to express themselves. The classrooms should be clean and neat and there should be enough space for children to seat comfortably. Pleasing colors’ and decorations. The classrooms should be free from dangerous objects as well as electrical gadgets and installations should not be near to avoid accidents/injuries. The Sunday school teachers must be safety cautious. All the teachers are answerable to the senior pastor or rather the person he has chosen. The coordinator is the link between the children. The Sunday school workers include the following; teachers, cleaners, security men, ushers, children’s guider, children counselors and brethrens with experience to handle children. A Sunday school worker MUST be born again, controlled by spirit, must be a lover of children and must be committed leader to sacrifice time, to sacrifice money, and sacrifice his/her talent. All the Sunday school programmes must aim at salvation and maturation of children.  The children should be taught all the commandments. The lesson must take into account the whole child i.e. his/her spirit, mind and body. The children classroom should be grouped into age groups e.g. Ages 3-5 years, Ages 6-8years, and Ages 9-10 years. The heart of a genuine Sunday school teacher is that any child who passes through them must be born again genuinely saved. Hebrews 12; 14. The Sunday school teacher must portray the love of Christ since the love is polite, unselfish, generous (give all the time money and time. An effective Sunday school teacher must be prayerful, must take time to study the Bible and read a variety of Christian books, must be accountable to the souls of children and also must have good communication skills for instance; apply the word of God appropriately, able to interpret bible scriptures, use soft tones, ability to move from one point to another during the message or teaching, avoid big vocabularies and also should go through thorough preparation before teaching.

Welcome to Our Church


The 7 Altars of Balaam

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Sunday Services

  • Workers Service
  • English
  • Swahili
  • Youth

Mid Week Services

  • Morning Glory +


    6.00a.m – 8.00a.m

  • Lunch Hour Service +

    Monday – Friday

    12.30p.m – 1.45p.m

  • Spiritual Warfare Prayers +


    6.00p.m – 7.00p.m

  • Home Bible Churches (H.B.C) +


    6.00p.m – 7.00p.m

  • Miracle Services +


    5.00p.m – 7.00p.m

  • Praise & Worship - Ushers +


    5.30p.m – 7.00p.m

  • Inter-denominational Kesha +


    9.00p.m – 500a.m

  • Choir Practice +


    4.00p.m – 6.00p.m

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